Zafran Zuhair
The BSc top-up degree was an incredible opportunity for me to attain a British degree and broaden me understanding of Cyber Security. The best part was the people – everyone was very approachable, full of knowledge, and were always there to help us along our educational journey. Everything was up to my expectation from the start to end. I am honoured and grateful to WinSYS for making me to be where I am today.
Vinodh Lahiru Krishan
The staff and lecturers were always friendly and provided their support to carry out the program comfortably by having a well facilitated and pleasant study environment. Whenever the academic course got challenging, our lecture panel was able to improve our knowledge and skills with more practical exercises. I learned a lot of new skills in the field of Cyber Security and made new friends in the IT field. It was a great pleasure to spend my academic life in a wonderful place like WinSYS.
Nazeer Thilsath
I am deeply grateful to everyone who assisted me throughout the program – me deepest gratitude and appreciation to all my lecturers for their encouragement, continuous support and guidance for the completion of the course. I am also grateful to all the other staff at WinSYS for the guidance extended to me. WinSYS gave me the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life and learn a variety of subjects.