Why Study With Us

Learn From the Experts

The lecture panel at WinSYS consists of many talented and professional individuals. Each lecturer has over 5 years of experience lecturing in their respective fields, with many more years working in the industry of their specialty. Our lecturers are highly skilled and knowledgeable while their understanding of the various fields of computing, networking, and cyber security would provide students with quality support for successful learning. Our lecturers come from extensive professional backgrounds in diverse industries, along with advanced technical skills training while offering objective education and training based on years of hands-on experience and multidisciplinary training.

Hybrid Learning Facilities

We are here to cater to your convenience! WinSYS offers students with various hybrid learning options. Students can either join class online or physically based on their convenience. Students who opt for online learning can join remotely from wherever they are – local or abroad. We even offer customised classes for students who require special attention and would like to have individual classes with the lecturer one-on-one. Feel free to talk to our student counsellors and get a class schedule that works best for you!

Free Study Materials

Students who enrol for any of the courses will not be charged any additional fees for any study materials or course support. Students will be provided all handouts and course content for free. Students enrolled for the Advanced Higher National Diploma and BSc (Hons) top up programme will also be given the class recordings for free.