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Certificate in PHP & MySQL

With this course, candidates will learn PHP and MySQL in detail – from setting up the PHP development environment to debugging and error handling.

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Certificate in PHP & MySQL

With this course, candidates would be thought PHP and MySQL in detail – from setting up the PHP development environment to debugging and error handling.

Delivery Method Online and physical based learning and industrial training with hands-on practical
Duration 45 Hours
Entry Criteria Applicants should be at least 12 years of age
Modes of Study Part Time/ Full Time
Assessment Modules within the program will be assessed by practical assessments
Overall Grading Type Assessing schemes will be used


Setting Up The PHP Development Environment Introduction to Apache, MySQL, and PHP

Stable/Production vs. Development Releases

Understanding how PHP Works

Server-Side vs. Client-Side Scripting

Installing PHP, Apache, and MySQL

Understanding PHP: Language Basics Embedding PHP Scripts

Output data to a browser

Using the print() statement

Working with the echo() statement

Using the printf() statement

Using the sprintf() statement

Commenting your PHP code

Creating variables and setting data types

Storing data in variables

Creating variables and setting data types

Creating and storing string variables (Text)

Working with integers (whole numbers)

Understanding floating point numbers (decimals)

Creating and working with Boolean values

Types of operators

Utilizing arithmetic operators

Utilizing arithmetic assignment operators

Utilizing comparison operators

Utilizing error control operators

Utilizing incrementing/decrementing operators

Utilizing logical operators

Understanding string


PHP Control Structures If statement – Else statement

Elseif statement

Switch statement

While statement

Do. While statement

For statement

Foreach statement

Break statement

Continue statement

PHP Arrays Enumerated arrays

Initializing arrays

Appending to an array

Reading from arrays

Looping through arrays

Associative arrays

Initializing associative arrays

Reading from associative arrays

Looping through associative arrays

Super global arrays

Two-dimensional arrays

Reading from two-dimensional arrays

Looping through two-dimensional arrays

Array manipulation functions

Handling Html form with PHP Capturing form data

Understanding form elements

Dealing with multi-value fields

Generating file uploaded form

Redirecting a form after submission

PHP form validation

PHP Form URL/e-mail

Passing Information With PHP Super global arrays

Understanding variable scope




Retrieving URL variables





Implementing session_destroy()


Working with File And Directories Understanding file & directory

Opening and closing a file

Coping, renaming and deleting a file

Working with directories

File Uploading & Downloading

Reusing Code and Writing Functions Including files

Require/ Require_once

User functions

Defining and calling functions

Default values

Variable scope

By reference vs. By value

OOPS Introduction


Declaring a class

The new keyword and constructor


Access method and properties using $this variable

Public, private, protected properties and methods

Static properties and method

Class constant

Inheritance & code reusability


Parent & self keyword

Abstract method and class



Debugging and Error Handling

Course Fee

Course Fee LKR 19,900
Payment Plan LKR 10,000 (1st class)
+ 9,900 (4th class)


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Course fee will be LKR 19,900

Certificate in PHP & MySQL