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ADNS: Advanced Diploma in Networking & Cyber Security

The course comprises Ethical Hacking, CCNA, MCSA and Linux Advanced Administration in addition to Network and Hardware Engineering.


Advanced Diploma in Networking & Cyber Security

This course covers different types of malicious attacks and various methods of responding to them. Candidates learn how to protect computer networks by using security codes. The course comprises Ethical Hacking, CCNA, MCSA and Linux Advanced Administration in addition to Network and Hardware Engineering.

Delivery Method Classroom-based learning and industrial training with hands-on practical
Duration 8 Months
Entry Criteria Applicants should be at least 16 years of age and passed with a Credit for GCSE O/L and A/L English
Modes of Study Part Time/ Full Time
Assessment Modules within the program will be assessed by practical assessments
Overall Grading Type Pass


Ethical Hacking Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Foot Printing
Google Hacking
Windows Hacking
Linux Hacking
Trojans and Backdoors
Virus and Worms
Proxy Server and Packet Filtering
Denial of Service
Sniffing Networks
Social Networking
Physical Security
Wireless Hacking
Firewall and Honey Pots
Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System
Vulnerability Assessment
Session Hijacking
Hacking Web Servers
CCNA New Syllabus (Routing & Switching) IP and Device Configuration
LAN Switching Technologies
Routing Technologies
WAN Technologies
Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Management
MCSA | 70 – 740 Install Windows Servers in a host and compute environments (10-15%)
Implement storage solutions (10-15%)
Implement Hyper-V (20-25%)
Implement high availability (30-35%)
Maintain and monitor server environments (10-15%)
Linux Advanced Administration Introduction to Linux and History
Installing CentOS
Introduction to CentOS Interfaces
Essential System Administration Tools
Using Shell Commands
Managing Software in CentOS
The Linux Boot Process
Introducing Bash Shell Scripting
Configuring Linux Root Password
CentOS Linux System Administration
Configuring Cisco Routers through Linux
User, Group Management
Automated Linux Installations
Linux PXE Installations
Monitoring and Optimizing Performance
Network Engineering Introduction to Networks
Network Topologies
Network Technologies
Network Hardware
Network Cabling
Installation & Configuring Windows Server 2016 R2
Disk Management
IIS (Internet Information Service)
Routing and Remote Access
Network Troubleshooting
Proxy Server
E-mail Server
Network Cabling & Management
Linux Basics (Cent O/S)
Modern Computer Technology
Firewall and Security
Hardware Engineering Computer Hardware History
Computer Peripherals
PC Assembling
PC Upgrading
Operating System Installation (Windows 7, 8 , 10, Server and Cent O/S)
Disk Management
Software Installation
Driver Installation
Package Installation
Application Installation
Antivirus Installation
Computer Networking
Network Cabling
File and Printer Sharing
Remote Desktop
Linux Basics
Internet and Email

Course Fee

Course Fee LKR 1,20,000
Payment Plan

(Special Offer >>> Installment Method – LKR 90,000)

Initial – LKR 20,000
1st Month:LKR 20,000
2nd Month:LKR 20,000
3rdMonth:LKR 30,000


Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman
I have completed my Cisco CCNP routing and MS certifications at Winsys Networks. Their technical support staff was incredibly friendly and approachable, readily available to answer and questions and provide assistance.
I recently completed the Certificate in CCTV Installation course at WinSYS Networks, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. The course covers an extensive range of modules, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in all aspects of CCTV installation and networking. From the fundamentals of CCTV systems to advanced topics like cloud configuration, port forwarding, and IP camera installation, the curriculum is well-structured and comprehensive. The practical assembly of CCTV systems and installation of various camera types, including PTZ cameras, equipped me with the necessary skills to tackle real-world scenarios confidently. Moreover, the course goes beyond CCTV installation, delving into related areas such as network cabling, access control systems, and security alarm systems. Learning about fire/smoke alarm detection systems and fingerprint access adds valuable depth to the training, making it relevant to a wide range of security applications. One of the highlights of the course is the emphasis on hands-on learning, where students get to set up CCTV systems on PCs, smartphones, and Android devices, enabling remote monitoring and access. The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive, ensuring that every student understands the concepts thoroughly. Additionally, the facilities at WinSYS Networks are top-notch, providing a conducive environment for learning. The course coordinator, Nethmi Wijeweera, and the entire team are highly professional and dedicated to ensuring the success of their students. In conclusion, I highly recommend WinSYS Networks for anyone looking to pursue a career in CCTV installation and related fields. The course content, combined with practical training and excellent support, makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about mastering the intricacies of security systems. Thank you, WinSYS Networks, for the invaluable learning experience.
Mohammed Irshad Shah (‫القادرى النقشبندى چشتى‬‎)
Mohammed Irshad Shah (‫القادرى النقشبندى چشتى‬‎)
Best institution
Ammar Cader
Ammar Cader
Great place to complete HND in Cyber Security. They pay personal attention and are very helpful. Labs and other resources are also available and can be accessed almost anytime. Great place to complete your HND in Cyber Security!
Mohamed Rifdhy
Mohamed Rifdhy
I completed my Cyber Security HND at WinSYS Networks Pvt Ltd a year ago, and it was an exceptional experience. The campus boasts one of the best lecturer panels in the field, offering top-notch education and practical training. While there's room for improvement in networking opportunities, the overall support and resources provided make WinSYS an excellent choice for cybersecurity education. Suggestions Prioritize practical experience through hands-on projects, case studies, and cybersecurity competitions like Capture-The-Flag events to prepare students for real-world scenarios. Encourage networking with cybersecurity professionals and experts through events, online forums, and platforms like LinkedIn to gain valuable insights and career opportunities. Enhance the HND programme by incorporating modules focused on penetration testing, covering ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing methodologies.
Mohammed Mufthi
Mohammed Mufthi
A very friendly surrounding. Good coordinations. Can use the lab anytime we want, also can stay in the class for hours and do our works and practicals. Well educated professionals. Altogether a 5/5 🌟
M. Aslam Jiffry
M. Aslam Jiffry
Excellent lecture panel and friendly academic team. As for CCNA, WinSYS has a complex and state of the art Cisco lab that I have never seen such a complex Cisco lab with real devices in other institute. Kudos Mr. Ziyam and the team. Wishing you and your team all the best.
Rna Fazal
Rna Fazal
After my O/L one of my dream was to learn and do profession in cyber security. Then i started to search for the best place to learn cyber security but most of the campus fee was not affordable also there is lack of womens in cyber field, WinSYS gave me a pathway to achieve my dream where as i started to follow up there HND in Cyber security and i completed it within 1 year and 3 months now at WinSYS im following up BSc (Hons) Top up degree in Cyber secuirty. I highly recommend those who wanted to learn cyber security get connected with WinSYS and achieve your dream. Thank you WinSYS and team for the great support 🙏

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Course fee will be LKR 90,000
ADNS: Advanced Diploma in Networking & Cyber Security
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