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Introduction to Arduino
How to use Ardiuno? 
Why? What for?
Real world applications
Initial requirements to follow

Introduction to Programming
The language
Basic programming with Arduino
How to download the IDE
Demonstration of a program with LED
Explain the code in brief

Programming in Arduino IDE
Explain Setup/ Loop
How a pin activates
Digital/Analog pins
Pin Mode

Serial Monitor
Serial begin
Baud rate
Serial print
Printing variables, strings

Variable types
Variable naming
Reserved words
Best practices

Arithmetic operators
- * / %
Examples with practicals

If with practicals
If / if else
Digital read
IR Sensor practical
Button and LED practicals
Arithmetic operators

For loop
For loop explain
Conditions < >== !=
5* practical
Nested for loop
Knight rider
LED patterns
Nested for loop
Examples with LED patterns

While loop

Motor Controlling 
Explain the problems
Introduce the motor driver
Speed Controlling

Servo motor Controlling
Bluetooth Controller
LED fading
IR Remote
230V controlling with relays
Remote Controller car
and many more 

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